Foto: IRIS/Elisabeth Tønnessen


The story of the logo
The logo used by IRIS is based on the monument "Swords in Rock" situated at Møllebukta in Hafrsfjord, only a short distance
from IRIS' main offices.

Fritz Røed (1928 - 2002), a local artist from Jæren, is the creator of this magnificent monument. He was educated at the
Royal Art Academy in Oslo and at the Academie de la Grand Chaumiere in Paris. Fritz Røed was one of Norway's leading sculptors. He has made several outstanding sculptures, of which "Swords in Rock" is the best known.
The monument commemorates the historical events of the late 9th century Norwegian history. "Swords in rock" symbolise the Viking-tribes confronting each other in the battle of Hafrsfjord, by featuring motifs from their wapons. The royal crown atop the largest sword is typical for eastern Norway, while the other two represent warriors fram the central and western regions.

"Swords in Rock" is also a fable about the swords that rose from the ocean, and they symbolise peace by being firmly planted in the rocky ground at Hafrsfjord.
The swords were made and cast in bronze in Italy. The monument was unveiled by His Royal Highness King Olav V on May 7th, 1983.
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