Photo: Photographer Kallen

The IRIS strategy

Our mission is to perform research and development that contributes to new knowledge and new solutions being adopted and put into practice for the benefit of society.

The business concept reflects the fact that we have a mission on behalf of society based on our research and development activities, which create both new knowledge and new solutions. Furthermore, we shall contribute to this knowledge and these solutions being adopted and put into practice through knowledge dissemination and commercialisation.

Our research creates substantial value!

This short and powerful vision combines with our business concept to demonstrate our desire that, by means of its research and development activities, IRIS will create important value for users, whether in the business community, in the public sector or in wider society.

  • Innovation – we value creative employees who promote innovation and new solutions to complex problems.
  • Respect – we show respect by listening and being receptive to differing viewpoints, beliefs and ideas.
  • Integrity – we base our research on objectivity, scientific facts and sound research ethics.
  • Solidarity – we stick together and support each other. 

Our values are part of us, and we will maintain and strengthen them to build our culture. They shall be our means of building and strengthening a culture that permeates the organisation.

IRIS’s values shall inspire our employees and contribute to IRIS fulfilling its mission on behalf of society.

Target research areas (2011-2020)


IRIS presents a dynamic research environment in three research departments:

›  Energy
›  Environment
›  Social Science