Foto: Stavanger Kommune

Demo2000 Project

The present project covers a full scale demonstration of a Drilling Data Hub with all involved partners; covering operating companies, service industry, drilling control system vendors and data consumers. By full scale is meant that all relevant providers and consumers of data in a drilling operation will be participating with their own workstations and proprietary software.

The demonstration is to be performed in IRIS' OpenLab Drilling virtual drilling environment. The OpenLab Drilling facility is on The Norwegian Roadmap for Research Infrastructure, and the demonstration will constitute the first large research project utilizing the infrastructure.

The primary objective of the project is to demonstrate that a seamless integration and exchange of drilling related data between all the partners can be performed in a realistic and full scale scenario by the use of a newly developed "Drilling Data Hub". This includes streaming data to operating companies offices and data management systems. As a secondary objective the project will demonstrate that associated systems and apps are capable of automatic configuration and update. Further, the project will demonstrate that ownership of data is maintained and accessibility to data are constrained according to the participants business models