About Drilling Data Hub

The Drilling Data Hub (DDHub) is a prototype for a new data hub that acquires and processes real-time data from drilling operations. It allows advanced decision making and will make drilling operations much faster and more profitable.

Data exchange in real-time is a prerequisite for implementation of automated drilling. As the data originates from different sources and suppliers, with varying degree of redundancy, resolution and degree of associated meta-data, the interfacing to such data requires significant engineering for each new installation.

Through ongoing work performed within the Center for Research based Innovation (CRI) DrillWell, IRIS is developing a new real time communication hub, "Drilling Data Hub", with a drilling specific information model and semantics, that aims at handling the above challenges to facilitate broad implementation of digitalization and automation of the drilling process.


- A real-time data acquisition and aggregation based on semantical descriptions!



- Need for easy and reliable access to real-time data for processing by more or less complex applications!



- Incremental demonstration of a prototype to pave the way for a standard!