Monday (3 June)

Luca Cantarello et al "Investigating satellite data assimilation in an idealised framework using an ensemble Kalman filter" pdf
Alberto Carrassi "Model error estimation and treatment in data assimilation" pdf
Francois Counillon "Building and testing of the first super earth system model" pdf
Pieter Houtekamer "Estimation of model parameters using an evolutionary algorithm" pdf
Patrick Laloyaux "Bias-aware assimilation methods for numerical weather prediction" pdf
Santiago Lopez-Restrepo et al "LOTOS-EUROS EnKF for PM10 and PM2.5 forecast in Colombia" pdf
Jesper Sandvig Mariegaard and Natacha Fery "Implementation of ensemble Kalman filter data assimilation in a high resolution spectral wave model with application in the southern North Sea" pdf

Stephen G. Penny "Transitioning to strongly coupled data assimilation" pdf
Tijana Janjic Pfander "Data assimilation on convective scale based on first physical principles" pdf

Seoleun Shin "Experiments of RTPS methods for the 4D-LETKF system implemented to a global NWP model on the cubed-sphere" pdf

Roland. M. B. Young "Assimilation of ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter thermal infrared observations into the LMD Mars GCM using the LETKF" pdf

Tuesday (4 June)

Ricardo Baptista et al "High-dimensional Bayesian filtering with nonlinear local couplings" pdf
Maxime Conjard and Henning Omre "Multimodality in the ensemble Kalman filter using a selection-Gaussian initial distribution" pdf

Fred Daum "Particle flow for nonlinear filters with Gromov’s method" pdf

Alban Farchi and Marc Bocquet "On the efficiency of covariance localisation of the ensemble Kalman filter using augmented ensembles" pdf

Takemasa Miyoshi "Big data assimilation: A new science for weather prediction and beyond" pdf

Patrick Nima Raanes "EnKF – FAQ" pdf

Yiguo Wang et al "Empirical anisotropic multivariate localization in the ensemble Kalman filter for earth system models" pdf

Wednesday (5 June)

Sigurd I. Aanonsen et al "Using Bayesian model probability with ensemble methods to quantify uncertainty in reservoir modelling with multiple prior scenarios" pdf
Julien Brajard et al "Combining data assimilation and machine learning to emulate a numerical model from noisy and sparse observations" pdf
Yuqing Chang et al "Olympus optimization under geological uncertainty" pdf
Alexandre Emerick "Recent ensemble smoother applications: Data-space inversion and deep learning for facies models" pdf
Geir Evensen et al "Implementation of IES in ERT and validation on an FMU example" pdf
Jincong He "Ensemble methods: Challenges faced in and lessons learned from practical applications" pdf

Xiaodong Luo "Ensemble-based kernel learning for a class of data assimilation problems with imperfect forward simulators" pdf
Trond Mannseth "Assimilation of multiple linearly dependent data vectors" pdf