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From Left: COREC Manager, Ying Guo and COREC Chairman, Kåre Vagle.

COREC Seminar 2017


The two-day seminar had a special focus on Water & Scale Management and EOR & Modelling. It took place at ConocoPhillips in Tananger on December 11th-12th.

COREC Chairman Kåre Vagle from ConocoPhillips (COP) welcomed the audience and researchers, while COREC Manager Ying Guo from IRIS informed about the current situation at COREC.

“We are still going strong with COREC”, Ying Guo said after the conference.  “The quality of the research and the research results are on a very high level.”

Kåre Vagle added: “The presentations at this years’ conference were of a very high quality. There were many questions from the audience, and many of the results and methods are welcomed by the industry. This conference also showed the importance of the collaboration with the national IOR Center in Norway.”

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Day one
The main topic the first day was Water & Scale Management. Robert Moe (COP) and Ying Guo (IRIS) gave a presentation called Production Optimization through Conformance Control. Øystein Bache (COP) and Arild Lohne (IRIS) talked about Chemical Rock Optimization. The last presentation was by Øystein Bache and Roman Berenbylum (IRIS) about the CHECKMATE – DEMO 2000 project, which is about optimized chemical placement to increase treatment efficiency.

Day two
Edvard Omdal (COP) and Merete Madland (UiS) presented research about Permeability & Geomechanics. The next presentation was about SMART WATER. Robert Moe and Jan Ludvig Vinningland (IRIS) talked about their research on using tailored injection water instead of seawater. Evgeny Tolstukhin (COP) and Alexey Khrulenko (IRIS) demonstrated the Ensemble Based Method for History Matching. The last presentation was by Knut A. Birkedal (COP) and Johan O. Helland (IRIS). They showed the work with Pore Scale Modelling: 3-phase capillary pressure, hysteresis and trapping.

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