the presenters
The presenters from IRIS. From the left: Benoit Daireaux, Erlend H. Vefring , Eric Cayeux and Sergey Alyaev.

Drilling Data Hub Demonstration


The prototype for a new data hub that acquires and processes real-time data from drilling operations was demonstrated in front of an enthusiastic industry audience at IRIS.

Two demonstrations took place at IRIS’ offices in Stavanger on Tuesday October 3rd. Close to 30 persons from the industry attended the demonstrations. Sergey Alyaev, Eric Cayeux and Benoit Daireaux with assistance from the IRIS  IT team had done an impressive job to prepare the demonstrations.  An introduction to the demonstration was given by Erlend H. Vefring.  

The presenters emphasized the need for reliable access to real-time data for processing and in order to accomplish that a complex application – the Drilling Data Hub – is needed. Further, the IRIS scientists showed how real-time data can be acquired and aggregated based on semantical descriptions.


The demonstration focused on the concepts of latency, discovery and reconnection, and for this purpose the current prototype of the Drilling Data Hub was compared to a WITSML 1.4. 

Sergey Alyaev explained that in addition to the actual demonstration one of the most important purposes of the day was to engage the invited industry representatives to obtain feed-back about how the industry wants to use the data. The industry had shown an enormous interest for this event and the demonstration had to be organized as two identical 3-hours sessions. 

arnt aske
Arnt Aske from GCE Node was impressed.

One of the first reactions after the demonstration came from a very enthusiastic Arnt Aske from GCE Node. - The development has reached much further than what I had expected and hoped for. When it is ready it will offer an amazing interoperability that will allow advanced decision making in drilling operations. This will make drilling operations much faster and more profitable. 

concentrated audience
Focused and engaged industry audience.

According to Sergey Alyaev this demonstration was the first important milestone for the Drilling Data Hub and that the next milestone will be in 2018 where a full set of semantical descriptions will be ready.
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