John Macpherson and Eric Cayeux. Photo: IRIS

Focus on Data for Drilling Automation


IRIS arranged a morning seminar 24 May entitled «Data for Drilling Automation». The seminar was very well attended with more than 50 participants from oil companies, service industry, technology companies, authorities and academia.

The seminar was opened by Erlend H. Vefring, IRIS who gave an introduction to the seminar and informed about Drilling Automation activities at IRIS.

Shared ownership of data
John Macpherson, from Baker Hughes, gave a presentation entitled “Data Ownership for Drilling Automation” where he emphasized the need for an inter-company shared data pool at the wellsite. He also argued that data producers and consumers (drilling contractors, service companies and equipment providers) should share ownership of data. He mentioned NorTex Data Science Cluster as one initiative for collaborating and realization of data quality.

Technical requirements for data transfer
“Requirements for Data Transfer in a Multivendor Environment to Support Drilling Automation” was the title of the presentation given by Eric Cayeux, IRIS. The technical challenges associated with data collection (refresh rate, latency, consistency, precision, redundancy etc) was presented and illustrated by different cases from drilling operations. Requirements for external access to machine controllers was addressed. Eric concluded that the instrumentation at the rig site and downhole has to be updated to support further automation of the drilling process.

After the seminar mingling and additional discussions took place.

About the speakers
John Macpherson is a Senior Technical Advisor for Baker Hughes. During his 40 years in the oil industry, he has participated in exploratory drilling operations and in various positions in drilling research and development. He has published about 40 papers, and has more than 25 granted patents. He is the current Chairman of the SPE Drilling Systems Automation Technical Section, and a member of the Drilling Systems Automation Roadmap initiative. He is a member of the JPT editorial committee.

Eric Cayeux is Chief Scientist at IRIS. After a 20-year career in the oil and gas industry, specializing in drilling and well-software solutions, he joined IRIS in 2004. He won SR-banks’s Innovation Prize in 2009 for “Drilling Automation and Hole in One Producer” and Statoil’s Research Prize 2012 for “Drilling Automation”. Eric has published frequently at key industrial conferences, in conference proceedings and in key journals. He holds four granted patents. 
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