Research Director Ying Guo is Project Manager for two of the new Research Council projects awarded in December.

From geosteering to squeeze treatments


IRIS Energy got several early Christmas presents from the Research Council when awarded many new projects ranging from fundamental research to demonstration projects.

IRIS Energy is thrilled to see that we have success with a range of different applications sent to the Research Council this fall. In December, we were awarded eight new projects ranging from fundamental research (FRINATEK and pure research projects), via KPN’s (competence building projects for the industry) to Demo2000 (demonstration projects). It is very important for a research institute to be represented in all the different categories. We need to focus on long-term basic research and at the same time have applied projects with high industry relevance which can create value for the Norwegian society in the short run.

- I am pleased to see that we succeed. The successful applications show that we have high scientific quality combined with domain knowledge and industry relevance, says Kristin Flornes, head of IRIS Energy.

CHECKMATE squeeze treatments
“CHECKMATE” is an example of an innovative demonstration project that got funding through the Demo2000 program. The project aims at improving near wellbore chemical placement control for scale squeeze treatments. It will significantly improve the efficiency of near-wellbore chemical placement, which allows for less frequent chemical treatments, reduced operational costs and reduced environmental impact of each operation.

Hole cleaning and multiphase particle flow
One of the more fundamental projects, is “The study of non-uniform particle bed motion in pipes with Newtonian and Non-Newtonian fluids”. The project aims at understanding the complicated physics of multiphase particle flow, important for hole cleaning which is a major concern and challenge while drilling. It will strengthen our co-operation with the University of Stavanger. The project will make use of the Multiphase Flow Laboratory at the University and the modelling capabilities at IRIS.

Geosteering for improved oil recovery
Another interesting Petromaks2 project we look forward to starting, is “Geosteering for improved oil recovery”. The primary objective is to develop methodology for geosteering by continuously updating the earth model based on logging while drilling measurements including deep electro-magnetic measurements. The project has gained a lot of interest from our industry partners that covers both operators and service company.    

- Petromaks is, and will still be for many years, the most important Research Council program for IRIS Energy. To be more robust, it has been part of our strategy to apply for funding from other programs, and we now see more and more projects also within FRINATEK, EnergiX and CLIMIT.

UNCOVER CO2 project
One of our CLIMIT projects that got funding, was “Understanding of CO2 dissolution in oil by convection-driven mixing and wettability alteration”. A practical outcome of the project will be quantification of field-scale impacts and assessment of reservoir conditions under which oil and gas recovery can be improved while simultaneously increasing long-term CO2 storage potential.

FRINATEK health application
It is also very exciting that our Pumps & Pipes initiative transferring technology and competence between health and oil industry, has resulted in the FRINATEK project “Flow based interpretation of dynamic contrast imaging data”. The project is led by the University of Bergen, and the focus will be to interpret MR-images as global flow pattern and thereby challenge established practice. In this work, IRIS will make use of experiences gained through over 20 years’ research within data assimilation and reservoir modelling.  

Decisive for our success, is the close co-operation with our national and international research partners and the support and interest from our industrial partners. We would like to thank them all.
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