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PhD student Anna Kvashchuk (number two from left) from IRIS/The National IOR Centre of Norway in panel debate with other students at OG21-forum

Go digital! Technology for the 21st century


What are the most pressing challenges we need to solve to have a competitive oil and gas industry? Which technologies should be prioritized?

IRIS has been part of a joint effort to shape the national technology strategy, OG21, for the next five years. This strategy was officially launched at the OG21-forum in Oslo November 30.

OG21 identifies ten technology needs.
  • Three linked to the industry’s responsibility to reduce emissions.
  • Two related to improved recovery and subsurface understanding.
  • Three linked to improved efficiency and reduced costs.
  • And two cross disciplinary topics: digitalization and technologies for the High North.Source: Oil and Gas for the 21st century. Strategy document p. 3. Ten technology needs
These technology needs are well aligned with IRIS’ target areas automated drilling, P&A and improved recovery.

It’s high time digitalization is identified as a prioritized technology need in OG21. There is huge potential for digitalization in our industry, especially within drilling. Hopefully this will accelerate development of automated drilling and the transition from manual controlled operations to automatically controlled operations using digital platforms.

At the OG21-forum Kristin Flornes from IRIS talked about how OG21 influence R&D strategy and how important industry relevance and close collaboration with the industry are for an applied research institute like IRIS. PhD-student Anna Kvashchuk from IRIS and the National IOR Centre of Norway presented new simulation tools for improved recovery.

Facts about OG21
OG21, Oil and gas for the 21st century, is the national technology strategy for the petroleum sector. The strategy is developed as a joint effort between authorities, industry and academia and is the most important document for petroleum R&D. OG21 influence direction and priorities for the large research programs Petromaks2 and DEMO2000 and thus funding and project portfolio for the technical-industrial research institutes. At the OG21-forum, IRIS talked about how OG21 impact our R&D strategy. The research within SFI DrillWell and the National IOR Centre of Norway target the main challenges in OG21.

Read more at www.og21.no

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