Improved oil recovery for the chalk fields in the greater Ekofisk area


COREC – Centre for Oil Recovery - is entering its 14th year, and is still going strong. The vision is "Joint forces to mobilize oil" and the program for 2016-2018 is as ambitious as ever.

An extra 2% oil recovery from Ekofisk will add up to more than 100 million barrels of oil, which is more than half of the expected recovery from the Edvard Grieg field recently put on stream.
COREC was officially launched in 2003 with funding from the Ekofisk license partners (PL018). The overall goal of the centre was to increase the oil recovery from the chalk fields in the greater Ekofisk area.
Since its start and up in 2003 to 2014, the total COREC  funding has reached up to almost 190 MNOK, including PL018 funding, funding from a number of Joint Industrial Projects (JIP) and funding from The Research Council of Norway.
Until 2015, about 30 projects have been completed, with a large variety of technical topics, from EOR by CO2, chemical flooding, microbial method and SmartWater, to chalk geology, temperature profiles at Ekofisk and conformance control of injected water.
More than 10 PhD candidates have graduated with COREC funding, and a number of Post doctorates have been involved in COREC research projects. In addition, COREC has sponsored a number of academic positions at UiS.
In summary, COREC has greatly contributed to the competence building on chalk and EOR for chalk fields, making the COREC team from IRIS and UiS one of the world leading research teams on the topic of chalk EOR.
In 2010, NPD’s IOR prize was given to Prof Tor Austad and the COREC team.
In 2013, UiS and IRIS was awarded as National IOR Centre of Norway.
The 2016 work program is now well on the way, with main focus on EOR methods which can be applied to further improve the oil recovery beyond 50% within 2050; the extended lifetime of Ekofisk. This will make Ekofisk the world champion in oil recovery from chalk fields.
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