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The workshop was arranged by: (From left) Thor Ole Gulsrud (Project Manager Norway Pumps & Pipes), Adnan A.M Aqrawi (Lead Consultant Innovation Statoil and Kjell Morten Sviland (Project Leader Innovation & Collaboration Statoil)

Medical and oil & gas innovate together


Norway Pumps & Pipes and Statoil Technology Innovation arranged a workshop for scientists and professionals from medical and oil & gas.

A challenge from both fields was presented and the participants discussed and presented possible technology transfers and innovations across medical and oil & gas. This is the first time such a workshop was hosted by an industrial company in Norway. 

The one-day workshop on Tuesday January 23rd proved to be highly competent and very productive. Thor Ole Gulsrud was excited after the workshop and said. "It was amazing to experience such engagement during the entire day. Absolutely everybody was in a energetic, innovative and productive mode and many transferable solutions and not the least potential project ideas were launched."

We want more
When the workshop was wrapped up in the afternoon Gulsrud asked. "Who wants to do this again, has it been worth your while? There was a clear YES! According to Gulsrud the next step will be to choose one or two specific projects to work on in the next workshop.

Lead Consultant Innovation at Statoil, Adnan A.M Aqrawi facilitated the workshop very professionally and like Gulsrud, Aqrawi was happy with the process and the result of this historic workshop. Also, Kjell Morten Sviland from Technology Innovation Team of Statoil administrated the workshop successfully.

​Aqrawi said. “Statoil has hosted many workshops with companies in the energy value chain like oil service companies. This is the very first time we host a workshop with participants from the medical field. We really hope we can add value to the innovation process within the medical field and that this series of workshops will lead to joint projects in the future!”

​Kjell Morten Sviland emphasized that Statoil has a strong innovation culture and introduced the Statoil better start approach:
  1. Understand business needs
  2. Identify innovation challenges
  3. Get holistic solutions from right sources
  4. Perform prototype testing
  5. Plan development of promising technologies

Workshop facilitator Aqrawi pointed out that this workshop only should focus on point 2 and 3.

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Dr. Sumit Roy from the Department of Radiology at the University Hospital of Stavanger presented the medical challenge.

​The medical challenge was about Vascular flow dynamics - with a special focus on blood flow restrictions in the lower part of the body (pelvis, hip, thighs and knees). How to segment the vessels accurately in order to measure the lumin area correctly in order to treat correctly?

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Tor Henry Omland, Leader Drill Tech Statoil, presented the oil & gas challenge.

​The oil & gas challenge was about Prediction of particle settling in drilling fluids. When drilling a well formation with a in-situ pressure above that of water need to be held back by a drilling fluid with a higher pressure. Stops in fluid circulation are invitable. Then our ability to predict the time until settling of particles reduces the average density such that a blowout can occur is a matter of safety. We need better prediction tools for particle settling in drilling fluids.

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The participants were divided into 4 groups. Here they discussed and specified solutions to the challenges in both fields.


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Each group presented their ideas for innovation and technology transfers in plenum.

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During the entire workshop the participants showed great engagement.

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