yiteng zhang
Yiteng Zhang. Photo: IRIS.

Meet Yiteng


Find out what inspired Yiteng Zhang to become a scientist, what he likes about his job and more.

Name: Yiteng Zhang
Age: 25
Education: M.S.E. The University of Tulsa
                    B.S.P.E. The University of Tulsa

Employed: The National IOR Centre of Norway
What inspired you to become a scientist?
Strictly, it is not my intention to become a scientist; at least, I do not see myself as one. Being labeled as a scientist is flattering. On the other hand, I believe everyone is an outstanding intuitive scientist, owing to a lifetime of interacting with the world by means of learning the rules and applying them.
What do you like about your job?
I am constantly surrounded by people with a vast amount of knowledge. I sincerely appreciate the mentality of IRIS Bergen, which is to spread knowledge as much as possible, so there is always someone willing to help me. Thus, even though I come from a different discipline compared to other people in the group, it still feels like we are one big team. This atmosphere creates several innovative studies and a pleasant work environment.
What are you working on right now?

Broadly speaking, I am working on production optimization. Currently, I am implementing the “trust-region conjugate gradient method” into our current ensemble based optimization. The objective is to find a more efficient way of step size selection and achieving a computational friendly approach to update the ensemble members.
What has been your best IRIS-moment so far?

I am not good at claiming the best moment. When we are committed to claiming the moment, we look upon, create and invent our ordinary experiences as something extraordinary. The process simply becomes viewing our life shifting through a lens. We become seekers of the divine in every moment. By doing so, we can see the past with new eyes and easily bless what we hold.  I indeed find a standing out moment for each day in the past. Unfortunately, I could not find my best IRIS-moment yet, because now is a sequential event rather than one random moment. 

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