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New Bioeconomy Centre of Excellence


The IRIS focus on bioeconomy has been rewarded with the establishment of a Nordic Centre of Excellence (NCoE), and has received 30 mNOK in funding from NordForsk.

This represents a fantastic opportunity for IRIS, their research partners and the industry. Many regional stakeholders are involved and we are looking forward to getting started, says  center leader  Fiona Provan and co-leader Elisa Ravagnan.

Innovative technology and biorefinery solutions, enhancing aquatic production, profitability and job creation, will be implemented in cooperation with private and public stakeholders. Opportunities for commercialization of new products, services and processes will be identified and barriers mitigated. Proposed technology developments and biorefinery approaches will be subjected to socio-economic and environmental assessments to ensure that these solutions are sustainable and add resilience.

SUREAQUA aims to make significant contributions to food and nutrient security, employment and efficient use of resources also in the context of forecasted global changes.

Research partners: IRIS (NO), NMBU (NO), NOFIMA (NO), SNF-NHH (NO), UiS (NO), DTU Aqua (DK), DTU Nanotech (DK), UGOT (S), UEF (FI), Fiskaaling (FO), RORUM ehf (IS), UoI (IS), ECEHH (UK).

Industry partners: Akva Group (NO), Skretting ARC (NO), AM Nutrition (NO), Seafarm Development (NO), Eco Inhibitors (NO), ENWA (NO), Marine Harvest (FO/NO), Bakkafrost (FO), P/F Luna (FO), Tari spf (FO), ApEHR (DK), Martak (IS), Arnarlax (IS), SansOx (FI); Raisioagro (FI), ProChaete Innovations (UK).

Others: NCE Aquatech Cluster (NO), Bellona (NO), Bergen Næringsråd (NO), Blue Planet (NO), Rogaland Fylkeskommune (NO), Validé (NO), Icelandic Ocean Cluster (IS), Innovation Center Iceland (IS), Environment Agency of the Faroe Islands (FO), BioSC (D), Water Footprint Network (NL).

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