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The OpenLab Drilling web-client is a unique combination of physical and virtual facilities represented by the full scale drilling rig Ullrigg.

OpenLab Drilling in use at the University of Stavanger


Developed at IRIS: The web-based drilling simulator with user-friendly interface has now been introduced to students in both Calgary and Stavanger with great success.

At the University of Stavanger (UiS) Nuwan Shanthirathne follows the 5-year Master’s Programme in Petroleum Technology and is currently in the 2nd semester of the Master's level specializing in drilling technology, and Nuwan is thrilled with the course:

“I was amazed by the simplicity as well as the versatility the app provided in learning and supplementing modules that we have learnt in the petroleum course. OpenLab Drilling is an ingenious, easy and an intuitive web application that neatly hides all the complex algorithms and technical details and presents a clean, user friendly interface to test and play with a large number of drilling and well scenarios. “

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Nuwan Shanthirathne to the left.

Senior Research Scientist at IRIS Jan Einar Gravdal, is Project Manager for OpenLab Drilling and was responsible for the first two courses on April 11 and 13 at UiS.   

"I have been excited about what the students will say about the OpenLab simulator. After using it in the lectures, I can say that the feedback has been extremely positive. In addition to praise the software, they have also given us very good feedback on what they would like to see from improvements", Gravdal says.

dsc 6699
Jan Einar Gravdal teaching how to use OpenLab Drilling.

Associate Professor at UiS, Dan Sui is looking forward to using the web client in lectures since it helps students get a better insight into behaviors of wellbores and equipment. She explains that the simulator offers students a knowledge-based digital environment and innovation to transfer the textbook knowledge to scenarios-based skills required by the industry.

“Using such digital platform in teaching provides students more opportunities to develop new methods and algorithms, share and exchange knowledge and ideas. With the help of the simulator, students can easily simulate different dynamic drilling processes and get good fit-for-purpose training like petroleum engineers.  We get very positive feedback from students in class”, Dan Sui concludes.

dsc 6662
Associate Professor at UiS, Dan Sui to the right.

From January 2018 the OpenLab simulator is also beeing used for education at the University of Calgary in Canada. Roman Shor, Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering is using the software as part of a course in drilling and Shor uses the Matlab interface to OpenLab.

Do want to learn more about the Ullrigg Drilling and Well Centre?
Visit their website here.
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