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SBBU changes its name to DrillWell


SBBU (Senter for boring og brønn for økt utvinning) is proud to announce its new profile and change of name to DrillWell.

DrillWell is an abbreviation of Drilling and Well Centre for Improved Recovery, and was launched earlier this month together with the new logo. The URL is www.drillwell.no, and a brand new website is under construction.

The vision of the Drilling and Well Centre for Improved Recovery is to unlock petroleum resources through better drilling and well technology.

The Centre’s objective is to improve drilling and well technology providing improved safety for people and the environment and value creation through better resource development, improved efficiency in operations and reduced cost.

This will be achieved by targeted research and development, focusing on:
  • Cost reduction
  • Improved recovery
  • Efficient field development

The R&D partners in the centre are IRIS, the University of Stavanger, SINTEF Petroleum Research and NTNU. Industry partners are Conoco Phillips, Det Norske, Statoil, Talisman, Total and Wintershall.

The centre was established in 2010, and was appointed status as Centre for Research Based Innovation (SFI) by the Research Council of Norway in 2011.

The Centre has organised the research projects within three programmes:

Programme 1
Safe and efficientdrilling operations for reduced cost
- Rate of penetration management and improvement
- Formation integrity
- Managed pressure drilling
- Determining changes in oil-based mud during well control situations

Programme 2
 Drilling solutions for improved recovery
- Geo-steering and deep imaging
- Flexible earth model

Programme 3
Well solutions for improved recovery
- Well integrity
- Plugging and abandonment
- Water shutoffs and intelligent well completions

At the IADC/SPE Drilling Conference and Exhibition in Fort Worth, Texas, 4-6 March 2014, two papers from DrillWell were presented.
Kjell Kåre Fjelde presented:
Evaluating Cost Efficiency of Rigless P&A for Subsea Multiwell Campaign.
Authors: F. Moeinika, K.K. Fjelde, A. Saasen, T. Vrolstad, O. Arild
Jesus A. De Andrade presented:
Influence of Casing Centralization on Cement Sheath Integrity During Thermal Cycling.
Authors: J.A. De Andrade, M. Torsaeter, J. Todorovic, N.V. Opedal, A. Stroisz, T. Vralstad
At the SPE Bergen One Day Seminar April 2, 2014, the following papers will be presented:
R. Valestrand, A. Khrulenko, and D. Hatzignatio,“Smart Wells for Improved Water Management in the Presence of Geological Uncertainty”
J.E. Gravdal, H. Siahaan and K.S. Bjørkevoll, "Back-Pressure Managed Pressure Drilling in Extended-Reach Wells – Limiting factors for the ability to achieve accurate pressure control”
M. Khalifeh, A. Saasen, T. Vrålstad, and H. Hodne, “Potential Utilization of Geopolymers in Plug and Abandonment Operations”
F. Moeinikia, K.K. Fjelde, A. Saasen, T. Vrålstad, “An Investigation of Different Approaches for Probabilistic Cost and Time Estimation of Rigless P&A in Subsea Multi-Well Campaign”

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