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From left: Johnny Petersen (IRIS), Ane Elisabeth Lothe (SINTEF), Jan David Ytrehus (SINTEF), Jan Ole Skogestad (SINTEF) and Eric Cayeux (IRIS).

SPE/IADC Drilling Conference 2018


DrillWell was well represented at the conference with six papers and a presentation during the SPE DSATS symposium that took place the day before the conference.

The foremost drilling event in the E&P sector was held 5-8 March 2018 in Fort Worth/Texas. Chief Scientist at IRIS, Eric Cayeux explains that this year’s conference was a positive experience.

“After a couple of years with declining attendance due to the oil price crisis, this year’s Drilling conference bounced back with a good participation as there were more than 1400 delegates preregistered. DrillWell was well represented with a total of 6 presentations”, Cayeux says.

Half-day symposium
On Monday March 5 DSATS (SPE’s Drilling Systems Automation Technical Section) and ART (IADC’s Advanced Rig Technology Committee) held a half-day symposium focusing on the importance of interoperability to unlock the potential of Drilling Systems Automation.

Eric Cayeux (IRIS) participated in the well-attended symposium and presented the Drilling Data Hub (DDHub). The presentation was well received with many questions from an engaged audience, and several companies at the symposium have expressed their interest in the DDHub Demo 2000 project.

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From left: Jan David Ytrehus (SINTEF), Jan Ole Skogestad (SINTEF), Adrian Ambrus (IRIS), Ane Elisabeth Lothe (SINTEF) and Eric Cayeux (IRIS).

Tuesday started with 3 presentations during the three parallel sessions. Here Johnny Petersen from IRIS did his eposter presentation, The Impact of Molecular Diffusion of Methane into Wells with Oil Based Mud.  

Jan Ole Skogestad from SINTEF Industry talked about the Well Control Simulator: Enhancing Models with Compositional PVT Models and Kinetics. This is research within well control simulation from DrillWell Programme P1.7. Skogestad explains that more precise models enable more automation and better interpretation of sensor data.

Ane Elisabeth Lothe from SINTEF presented her paper Digitized Uncertainty Handling of Pore Pressure and Mud-weight Window Ahead of Bit.  It was well attended and one of the chair persons (from a US operator) stated that they would like to have better estimate of geo pressures margins as it is often substantially wrong.

Wednesday continued with the same pace as three new presentations were performed starting with Adrian Ambrus (IRIS) presenting a paper called Self-Learning Probabilistic Detection and Alerting of Drill String Washout and Pump Failure Incidents During Drilling Operations. This is a paper that could be a great inspiration for activities concerning machine learning and causal analysis. 

Eric Cayeux (IRIS) presented Reconstruction of Pipe Displacement Based on High-frequency Triaxial Accelerometer Measurements. A validated numerical method that allows for an accurate reconstruction of the displacement of drill-string and BHA elements providing a unified point of view to the problem of estimating drill-pipe displacements based on accelerometer measurements.

Eric Cayeux wrapped up DrillWell’ s contribution presenting On the Importance of Boundary Conditions for Real-time Transient Drill-string Mechanical Estimations. This paper describes a solution that runs in real-time and that considers the whole drill-string, allowing for the extension of drilling automation functions to very dynamic conditions like those encountered on a floater.
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