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Photo: Siv Maire Åsen/IRIS

Stavanger Oilers swings sledgehammer at Ullrigg’s drill floor


Only days before this year’s ironman competition, seven Oilers players visited IRIS and Ullrigg to star in this year’s promotion film that will be shown before every Oilers home match this season.

In addition to the seven players, three members of tvp BROADCAST������s production team, five IRIS employees, Oilers’ Kjetil Garvik and a journalist from TV2 attended the 4-hour long shooting. The players were dressed up  in overalls, helmets, dirt make-up, sprayed with water, fumed with stage smoke while Ullrigg’s project manager Per Simensen and his team showed the players what to do.

Photo: tvp BROADCAST

In addition to Per, IRIS employees Arne Haaverstein, Ronny Håland, Arild Madland and Siv M. Åsen also attended the film set.

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Stian Høygård was fitted in a man rider and hoisted several meters over the drill floor. Petter Røste Fossen was chosen to be the one swinging the sledgehammer while Kristian Forsberg, a national team player for Norway who has just returned from the Swedish league, got the role as the driller. Jean-Michel Daoust, the pleasant and smiling Canadian player, starting his second season for Oilers, looked convincing operating the angle grinder. Tommy Kristiansen, Nick Plastino and Adrian Veideman performed well as hard working, strong and dirty old school roughnecks.

We all learned from this 4 hour session, shooting film is a lot of waiting and being patient. During the wait, the IRIS employees (most of them dedicated Oilers-fans) seized the opportunity for a nice chat with the players; discussing the upcoming season and high expectations.

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Some of the players also showed an interest in the work at the rig and Ronny gave Daoust a thorough review of the operations of the rig.

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In the picture, we can see Arild Madland telling the players (Petter Røste Fossen and Stian Høygård) about the only hockey match he had been to: Oilers- VIF 9-3 match of 2012.

Three days after their visit to IRIS, Oilers went to Olympiatoppen for the annual Ironman competition between all the top hockey teams in Norway. Oilers won the team completion and Petter Røste Fossen was the individual winner with 840 points, 100 points more than the runner-up. (http://www.oilers.no/index.cfm?id=414811).  

We would have loved to link to the film, but for the time being it can only be seen at Oilers' home matches.

All photos: Siv Marie Åsen/IRIS

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