The EnKF workshop in Ulvik had 49 participants. Photo: IRIS

Successful 11th EnKF workshop in Hardanger


The 11th EnKF workshop returned to Ulvik in the Hardanger fjord - the number one fruit producing area of Norway.

This year’s EnKF (Ensemble Kalman filter) workshop returned to Ulvik. We were there 5 years ago and figured it was time to go back to this beautiful fruit producing heritage of Norway.

The EnKF workshop is an annual event organized by three research institutes (IRIS, Uni-Research-CIPR, and NERSC) in cooperation with Statoil, dedicated to ensemble-based methods for data assimilation and robust optimization.

The workshop is the place where researchers, technical experts and students come together to share their results and ideas with their colleagues. The participants come from different disciplines covering both theoretical developments and practical applications of ensemble-based methods. This year’s contributions ranged from meteorology to reservoir engineering, from volcanology to medical research and from pure math to ocean biochemistry.

The list of invited speakers featured five internationally recognized scientists:
  • Prof. Arnold Heemink, Delft Institute of Applied Mathematics, Netherlands, “Ensemble methods for variational data assimilation"
  • Prof. Alexander Barth, from University of Liège, Belgium, "Local ensemble assimilation scheme with global constraints and conservation"
  • Prof. Raul Tempone, KAUST University, Saudi Arabia, "A short overview of Multilevel Monte Carlo methods with applications in Ensemble Kalman Filtering"
  • Prof. Marc Bocquet, Université Paris-Est, France, "On the convergence of (ensemble) Kalman filters and smoothers onto the unstable subspace"
  • Prof. Remus Hanea, Statoil/University of Stavanger, Norway, and Tao Feng, Statoil, Norway,  "Recent developments and applications of Robust Optimization in Statoil, with an example of optimizing WAG strategies"

There were fewer presentations than usual related to petroleum applications this year. However, one of the key-note presentations, by Remus Hanea and Tao Feng (Statoil), gave the status of ensemble-based optimization in Statoil and explained how this is the natural continuation after widely implementing ensemble-based methods in the company’s reservoir management workflow. Also, the four talks presented by Geir Evensen (IRIS), Xiaodong Luo (IRIS), Yanhui Zhang (TNO/The National IOR centre of Norway) and Kristian Fossum (Uni-Research-CIPR), were dedicated to the integration of seismic data into the assisted history-matching workflow.

To sum up, it was a great workshop with 49 participants, 25 oral presentations and 9 posters. The presentations and posters will be available at the EnKF-workshop web page as we obtain permission from the authors.

Thanks to all that participated and made this year’s workshop great. See you again next year!

Text: Randi Valestrand and Alexey Khrulenko (both from IRIS)
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