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Successful trip to Czech Republic


8 researchers from IRIS went to Czech Republic to meet collaborators in the REPP-CO2 project. The visit was a success in several ways.

Coordinating project activities across 2 countries, 7 institutions, 10 work packages and 100 scientists is a tedious job. Project meetings provide a unique opportunity for key researches to put a pictures behind names in many emails as well as to discuss important issues, clarify the questions and coordinate their progress.

Meetings, field tour and informal gatherings
The Great 8 from IRIS (Alexey, Anders, Anton, Eric, Hans Peter, John, Lars and Roman) spent a fantastic week Czech Republic on REPP-CO2 project meeting. We started in Ostrava, where geomechanical course was given, project details were discussed, conferences and next meetings planned, issues were resolved and activities were coordinated.

During the last day we had a field tour to the Lbr-1 site and were introduced to the monitoring activities ongoing there as a part of our project. After the field trip we drove to Hotomin and visited MND (the company that operated the field) to discuss with them the questions we had and potential future of the site. The day concluded in a fairytale town of Mikulov, where we were invited to the local wine tasting in a local wine cellar located in a limestone cavern.

Met as colleagues, parted as friends 
In a train from Mikulov to the airport I ask myself as a project coordinator from IRIS side: Was the meeting a success? Was the time well spent? Would it help us drive the project forward and prepare for continuing the activities within the next project - ENOS?

I do not hesitate to answer "Yes" to all of those three questions and then suddenly another thought crosses my mind: The most important things happened during coffee and lunch breaks, dinners and evening drinks. We, people with different background and research interests shared laughs, friendly teased each other and truly enjoyed each other’s company. We met as colleagues with shared interest of "Preparing Research Pilot for a CO2 storage in Czech Republic" and parted as team members and good friends. Something an email or video meeting could never achieved.

We are looking forward to help our friends make this project a success and meet them again in Vienna, Venice, Stavanger and Praha.

Roman Berenblyum
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