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The IOR-centre is officially open!


In front of more than 250 invited guests, the National IOR-centre was today officially opened by the Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Tord Lien. The opening was an international happening, as guests from all over the world were present.

 - The centre has an important mission, Lien said. Today, Norway is amongst the leaders in the area of improved oil recovery, but we still leave more than half of our resources in the ground. I choose the positive way to look at it. There's room for improvement, and we can work together at it, and we should! Just one percent increase in the recovery will leave to an extra income of more than 300 billion NOK. In that context, remember the public debate Norway had about the new opera house in Oslo, and how expensive it would be. Well, one percent increased oil recovery could finance an additional 75 new opera houses!

- My point is that substantial values are at stake for the Norwegian society, and it is also something that is not efficient communicated; we do not read a lot about this potential in the media. They tend to focus on what is happening in new areas of petroleum recovery. Here we have a common job to do, because we certainly have a great story to tell. And great things are happening as we speak. Water injection is being tested, likewise, geologists are working on faster and more valuable tools that can provide better understanding of the reservoirs, and new subsea technology is about to be implemented on Åsgard. All this will increase the recovery rate dramatically, and may be a game changer in the petroleum industry. And these are just a few examples of what is a truly impressive development.

Lien also emphasized that the demand for energy will continue to rise, and that research within petroleum subjects is as important as research on renewable energy. One does not rule out the other, we need both. If we are to meet the rising demand of energy, we need renewable energy AND energy from fossil fuels.

-I have high expectations to what can be achived at the IOR-centre in Stavanger, and that it will be a driving force in breaking down barriers and reaching new R&D milestones. New technology and new solutions will be necessary to access difficult resources and make them profitable, and only this way we can realize the great potential from improved recovery on the Norwegian continental shelf. And the keyword, of course, is collaboration. Between authorities, oil companies, suppliers and scientists. Both in Norway and abroad. And Stavanger is a perfect location for this kind of collaboration.

Before cutting the ribbon, Lien summarized his speech by wishing the centre and its researchers all the best, with the American businessman J. Paul Getty's formula to success: Rise early, work hard and strike oil! 

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