keynote speakers

Prof. Anders Goksøyr: University of Bergen.
Opening address: “Toxicogenomics as a tool for understanding responses to pollutants in organisms: A systems biology approach to environmental toxicology.”

Dr. Sam Dupont: Gothenburg University.
Title: “The theoretical revolution: taking ocean acidification research to the next level.”

Prof. Chuck Fisher: Penn State University.
Title: "The impact of oil pollution from the Deepwater Horizon disaster on deepwater ecosystems."

Dr. Trygve Berg Lea: International product manager at Skretting, Stavanger, Norway.
Title: “Challenges in monitoring and managing toxological pollutants in marine raw materials in fishfeed.”

Dr. Tjalling Jager: Vrije Universiteit.
Title: “Assessing ecotoxicological effects on a mechanistic basis: the central role of the individual.”

Prof. Dr. Miren P. Cajaraville: Director Department Zoology and Cell Biology, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU
Title: “Do metal-bearing nanoparticles pose a risk for marine organisms?”