Photo: S. Sigbjørnsen

5th Norwegian Environmental Toxicology Symposium

Recognising, understanding and minimising the impacts of human activity

22-24 October 2014 - Victoria Hotel - Stavanger

The Norwegian Environmental Toxicology Symposium represents an arena for cooperation and sharing information between researchers, management and industry. Latest research results are presented aiming to support environment management.

The 2014 meeting is the 5th, previous NETS were organized in Tromsø (2012), Bergen (2010), Trondheim (2008) and Oslo (2004).

The 5th NETS is organised in Stavanger by IRIS.

IRIS (International Research Institute of Stavanger) is a research and innovation institute established in 2006. IRIS has 210 employees, solid finances and is owned by the University of Stavanger and the foundation "Rogaland Research". Key research areas are in the energy, environment and society sector. The goal is to help the community's need for knowledge and idea development and the industry's need for innovative solutions.