Photo: Elisabeth Tønnessen

student symposium program

Address: Mekjarvik 12, 4070 Randaberg
(Minor adjustments may occur)
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Getting there and back: Mekjarvika 12 is in Randaberg, north of the City.  The bus stop from the city is outside the Cameron-building in Mekjarvika. We have a massive drill rig outside the Quays below right now, hard to miss. Students arriving from Bergen can get off the bus at “Harestad”, right at the intersection.�� We are planning to have someone meet you at the bus from Bergen.  Bus 28 leaves Stavanger at 10:10 stop 24.
We are accommodating that you work on your small presentation between 16:30 and 19. If you choose to stay at Mekjarvik for this, we will provide you with a meal (like pizza).  Please arrange this with the place you are staying!