IOR-02 Improved Oil Productivity by Selective Water Control



Title:IOR-02 Improved Oil Productivity by Selective Water Control


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Authors:Stavland, A.
Lohne, A.
Olsen, A.
Research group:xØkt utvinning (Improved Oil Recovery)
Distribution restriction:Open
Published by:IOR,
Additional information:
IOR 11th European Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery - Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 11 - 12 June 2001;Published by: IOR;

This paper discusses a simple and cost effective method for selective water ;control using an oil soluble surfactant system. Bullhead injection of this ;system forms a blocking emulsion at high water cut without any permeability ;reduction at low water cut. ;The paper describes the behavior of the blocking emulsion and how to select ;chemicals with such behavior. The blocking effect at high water cut in ;coreflood experiments is demonstrated. The permeability reduction showed a ;reversible behavior upon variation in the pressure gradient as well as a ;long-term stability was obtained. ;Of different screening methods it is found that microscopy study of the ;emulsion structure is the most reliable method.;;;;;;;;;;;;

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