Current portfolio

logo-eco-inhibitors 200 sort Eco Inhibitors has access to, and utilises, state of the art laboratory equipment for development and testing of the various products.
Gender Guide AS - an entrepreneurial company based on a novel technology developed by IRIS. R&D with the goal of bringing novel solutions for gender specifications in aquaculture as well as agriculture.
gwind final-veldig-veldig-liten Gwind is developing renewable technologies for offgrid systems such as offshore installations.
holeinone Hole in One Producer AS established for the purpose of developing a radical new drilling and completion concept for the Oil Industry. The Hole in One Producer concept (HOP) is a patented method for simultaneous drilling and completion of extended reach horizontal wells.The HOP technology is also uniquely suited for drilling through depleted reservoir zones.
plastid Plastid AS - production of standard proteins and design of new proteins and enzymes. The proteins will be used by research laboratories, the health service, the feed and fish industries and the pharmaceutical industry.
Drillscene AS - decision support to prevent and cure tight hole, lost circulation and formation fracturing problems. 
Drilltronics Rig Systems AS - providing a drilling control system which at the rig site assists the drilling crew by making sure that drilling incidents are minimised at any time. 

tractiontool Traction Tool AS is a spin-off from Hole in One Producer AS. It was established for the purpose of developing a Traction Tool to assist running completions in horizontal wells in the Oil Industry.