At the petroleum laboratory, we concentrate on advanced special core analyses and fluid properties analysis. It is, however, part of a network of experts on various aspects of petroleum reservoir description and exploitation.

IRIS is a research institute with 210 employees, 70 of whom are primarily occupied with petroleum research. The research work is focused on improved reservoir exploitation and cost effective well technology. Flexible constellations allow projects to draw on in-house and external resources.

Throughout it’s history, the IRIS petroleum laboratory has been involved in research programs involving institutions such as University of Stavanger, University of Bergen, and Texas A&M University. Several of our major laboratory facilities and analysis tools were made with significant technical support from the petroleum industry.

Formalized co-operation with service companies allows us to perform suites of analyses including tests that are not made in-house. For instance, several routine core analysis tasks are sub-contracted to outside service laboratories. By utilizing all these within this framework of co-operation, the IRIS petroleum laboratory is especially suited for large, complex, or innovative projects, in addition to any work where quality tests are required.