Research and development

IRIS is a research institute at the technological frontier. Our research work blends smoothly into our engineering, analysis, and consultancy business. The main focus of the research and development efforts at the IRIS petroleum laboratory is on developing and refining the flooding rigs, porous plate rigs and centrifuge equipment, and on optimizing experimental design.

Our core flooding rigs allow us to provide high quality experimental data well suited for testing of petrophysical models, simulators or other tools. Other equipment development efforts have been made, or are in progress. Examples of such are:
development of a centrifuge for runs at full reservoir conditions with live crude oil
rig for three phase capillary pressure measurements
A major part of the laboratory work for the Center for Oil Recovery (COREC) is performed by the IRIS petroleum laboratory. Studies are now initiated through ICIOR, where main focus will be set on wettability and 3 phase capillary pressure relations.