Two-phase flow apparatus

Recirculation apparatus for two-phase flow in porous media at reservoir conditions

Our two-phase flow apparatus allow reliable determination of permeability for two flowing immiscible fluids at reservoir conditions.

A pump system with five cylinders and a separator with volume measurement capabilities allow recirculation of fluids with precise volume balance control. Both steady-state and unsteady-state experiments can thus be allowed to run until any realistic end-point criterion has been reached.

The flooding experiments can be optimised and subjected to advanced quality assurance through application of our numerical tools; CoreFlow or Sendra. One example; using relevant prior information on the core material and fluids, simulations can be used to select those rate combinations which are expected to give the most reliable relative permeability measurements.

This apparatus is also in use for condensate studies. A transparent sapphire crystal separator is used in such studies.

Major features of the apparatus:
  • Steady-state and unsteady-state two-phase flow through porous media.
  • Accurate and continuous fluid injection.
  • Flow rates from 1 l/min to 10 ml/min.
  • Operates at reservoir conditions; up to 70 MPa and 160 C.
  • Two-phase separator for average saturation determination.
  • X-ray for in-situ saturation determination.
  • Vertical or horizontal flooding