Foto: Signe Christine Urdal



IRIS has developed a virtual drilling laboratory which is used in the planning and execution of drilling processes. The combination of equipment, graphic representation, sound and an advanced model of the drilling process makes this concept unique. The principal model integrates sub-models for hydraulics, torque and temperature and in so doing provides a realistic response to the driller’s actions in real time. There is also a realistic dynamic modelling of top side installation equipment.
In addition the virtual rig also includes an operational center with a support system for decision making that continuously shows the modelled hydraulic and mechanical situation in the entire well and pipeline. When potential problems in the well are detected warnings and alarms are activated.

The virtual rig is used for:
  • Simulation for training and certification
  • Research and development of new equipment and drilling concepts
  • Experiments with automation of the drilling process
  • Development and verification of procedures for new work processes and software
  • Research and design of man-machine interface