Amare Leulseged. Photo: IRIS
Amare Leulseged. Photo: IRIS

Interview with an IRIS researcher

Name:  Amare Leulseged
Age: 47
Position: Research Engineer
IRIS Energy – Department: Drilling and Well Modelling

BSc in Mathematics
MSc in Information Systems Engineering
PhD in Real-time Systems

What inspired you to become a researcher?
I like to create new ideas and I like to work with challenging ideas. The research areas at IRIS are very challenging and related to my education and interests. That is why I wanted to work here. Since I started here in 2007, I have been involved in several research, modelling and development tasks, mostly related to drilling and well modelling projects.

The people I work with are an extra motivation to me. They have very good knowledge and experiences. Their willingness to share this knowledge and experience, and being easy to work with makes me inspired.

What do you like/dislike about your job?
The best thing about my job is working with the best researchers and getting results. When you work on a project, you believe in it and have ideas how to tackle the challenges and satisfy your clients. When you implement those ideas and achieve your targets to satisfy your clients, it’s a good feeling and that is what I like. I like also the flexible of working time that we have here at IRIS. Being a family man with small kids, this flexibility makes life easy.
The worst feeling is failing to achieve the targets or when your clients are not satisfied what you are trying to do.

What are you working on right now?
Right now, I am working on Virtual Arena. In Virtual Arena, we are trying to build a test facility for research and innovation within drilling and well operations. This facility will combine the virtual reality with the facilities that we have at Ullrigg. The plan is to finish it by 2018 and make it available for the wider research community.
What has been your best IRIS-moment so far?
We have a wellbore simulator called Virtual Rig. We did several tests for clients from outside IRIS. Being able to conduct such tests and seeing the results from those tests was the best time I had.