Interview with an IRIS researcher

Name: Liv Almås Carlsen
Age: 35
Position: Research Engineer - Drilling and Well Technology
MSc in Engineering Cybernetics from NTNU, 2004.
PhD in Petroleum Technology, UiS, 2013, Thesis: “Automating Well Control Procedures”.
What inspired you to become a scientist?
When I finished my MSc, I wanted to continue to learn more and I thought petroleum research sounded interesting. After two years in IRIS, I thought I should try something more practical, so I started working in a subsea company. However, after one year doing subsea installations from a ship, working night shifts and getting seasick, I was very pleased when I could go back to being a scientist at IRIS.
What do you like the most about your job?
I like that we to a large extent get to work with what we prefer and find interesting.  In addition, there are so many friendly and talented people here who are willing to share their knowledge.
What are you working on right now?
Right now, I am looking into how IRIS can start doing well control studies for oil companies. The studies will identify different scenarios that may lead to a kick situation when drilling a well, and what the impact of various influx sizes will be. Such scenarios could be that the drill string is pulled too fast out of the well, or that the well is left for a period without circulation. The studies will include simulations of gas diffusion and migration, and simulations of the pressure dynamics in the well when an influx is circulated to the surface.

What has been your best IRIS-moment so far?
I think that must have been when I finished my PhD. I started the PhD in 2008, and with two maternity leaves, it took me five years to finish. So it felt good to finish that project.