Improved Oil Recovery

Improved Oil Recovery (IOR) is one of two strategic priority areas in IRIS Energy and has been and will be a major part of the research activities in IRIS also in the future.

Since the mid 1980s we have been dedicated to improve the oil recovery, both for sandstone and carbonate reservoirs. Our vision is to understand the physical and chemical interactions of oil, gas, water and reservoir rock through numerical models and core flooding experiments with the ultimate goal to evaluate, recommend and test EOR��strategies for our clients and assist during implementation. The research has led to in-depth understanding of physical and chemical processes and resulted in successful field tests. Lately the focus has been on methods to improve oil recovery by optimizing the water chemistry. We have investigated the effect of brine composition on the physical parameters and the impact on the recovery mechanisms.

Methods for better reservoir characterization and simulations on field scale has also been a strong focus within our IOR research. Good reservoir simulation models are necessary in order to identify remaining oil and assess the impact of various IOR measures.
A large part of the research has been within history matching and parameter estimation with ensemble based methods. With an ensemble of possible models for the reservoir, we can quantify the uncertainty in the forecasts for e.g. future oil production.

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