Production optimization

Good strategies for reservoir management and well control can increase the recovery rate significantly. A good production optimization strategy requires accurate estimation of production and injection rates in different wells, optimal well control including control of smart wells, and optimal well placement.

IRIS has a long history of developing improved reservoir management tools by using optimization and model updating in a closed-loop fashion. Our research started with well modeling and development of our in-house well simulator WEMOD in the 1990s and continued with focus on closed-loop reservoir management. Recently our research has evolved to include evaluation of a vast rage of optimization strategies, and zonal flowrate estimation. IRIS also contribute actively in development and applications of ensemble based optimization (EnOpt).

Here are the research topics we have addressed recently:
  • The Olympys benchmark case for production optimization and well placement
  • Transient well flow modelling and zonal flowrate estimation
  • Proactive geosteering and optimal well placement
  • Optimization of well controls
  • Ensemble based and traditional methods
  • Workflow for production optimization
  • Modern estimation techniques and parameter estimation
  • The Brugge benchmark case for water flooding optimization
  • Software tools for closed-loop reservoir management



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