Deep Geothermal Energy

Geothermal heat is available all over the world, and is a clean, stable, inexhaustible, and “weather-proof” source of energy. At our latitudes, the ground temperature rises by about 20oC per kilometre into the crust. Power from this source of energy could play a significant role in the global green energy mix.

With its strong and innovative oil industry, Norway is in a unique position to capture geothermal heat, and drilling technology has evolved significantly in the course of the past ten years, as oil and gas deposits become more and more difficult to access.

The cost of drilling is a dominant constraint on development of geothermal energy. Drilling technology developed for the petroleum industry such as drill bit solutions, automated drilling surveillance and system for active failure prevention, can have a considerably cost saving potential when drilling geothermal wells.

IRIS is member of the Norwegian Centre for Deep Geothermal Energy Links and in expert group for geothermal drilling: