Energy Efficiency and turbomachinery

Within the area of energy efficiency and turbomachinery, studies are usually beginning with the analysis of a given system, gas turbine, or industrial process. Several disciplines are covered. Specifically the following topics are covered:
  • The area of gas turbine technology is based on multiple years of experience in design, analysis and testing of gas turbines, mainly related to the above mentioned fields of thermodynamic, fluid dynamic and heat transfer. Gas turbines will, given the increasing use of gas for power production continue to play an important role in the power generation industry.
    Besides covering the basic disciplines a wide network of cooperation and partnerships throughout Europe is existing. The expertise covers small micro gas turbines for decentralized combined heat and power applications, their modification and integration into other advanced cycles (e.g. Biogas, hybrid fuel cell – gas turbine cycles) as well as industrial gasturbines and their integration into complex plants.
  • Thermodynamically analysis and design of thermal processes and plants based on data and information available as well as, in the follow up steps the optimisation of the processes respecting the requirements due to operational stability and reliability.
  • Fluid dynamics which is mainly based on or including computational fluid dynamics (CFD). This ranges from 1-dimensional flow analysis to in-depth 4-dimensional simulation of the phenomena. It also covers incompressible as well as compressible flows with high Mach numbers, and, in case of 2 phase flows especially when phase changes like evaporation and condensation happen, thermodynamic equilibrium and non-equilibrium flow simulations.
  • Heat transfer based on convection, conduction and radiation is, closely connected to the above mentioned fluid dynamics, also an area a large amount of expertise. This off cause includes analysis aspects of heat exchanges in the widest sense.
  • Monitoring and diagnostics in various applications is another strong area. Besides topics of data acquisition, handling, storage and filtration covers the modelling techniques the traditional mathematical / physical modelling of the components engines and plants of interest as well as advanced data driven approaches such as ANN. Sensor validation to avoid unforeseen outages due to sensor failure is also part of the expertise.