Main projects

  • Bio gas project: The project evaluates the sensitivity of gas turbines, gas engines and fuel cells for decentralized power and heat production against changing fuel / gas composition.
  • Energy Efficiency Improvement via waste heat recovery and enhancement of production rate in aluminium industry
  • EOOS project - optimization of electrical energy production through efficient measures on existing offshore oil and gas installations in the range 15-20 % and hence thus reduce CO2 emissions to atmosphere.
  • Energy storage: possibilities of storing offshore wind energy in periods of low demand but high availability. Evaluated was the possibility of storing hydrogen in e.g. depleted gas fields.
  • NextDrill project is a geothermal project focusing on  identify technology gaps, concept opportunities and knowledge needs for reducing drilling costs in hard rock, in order to enable industrial design of the next generation drilling tool. The last goal of the project is to improve our understanding of hard rock fracturing and interaction between drill-bit and rock.
  • OFFWIND project: The primary objective is to develop tools for advanced operation assessment and forecasting for offshore wind farms. This will lead to optimal localization of a wind farm and how to allocate future farms with respect to each other within the same wind energy cluster.