Funded by NFR as a research institution-based strategic project in the PETROMAKS 2 program

Cooperation and sharing: Environmental R&D network between Norway and Brazil

IRIS Environment has been building relationships with universities and oil operator companies in Brazil over a significant period of time.
Building a structured Environmental R&D network between Norway and Brazil through improved communication and organizational structures is seen as a key lever to unlock the confirmed potential for additional activities.

The project aims to establish a fit-for-purpose structure that integrates overseas delivery capacity with existing competencies and personnel in the home countries.


Project workshops

  • Kick-off on-line meeting, 11th-12th February 2014
  • Brazilian Partnership Delegation,  21st May 2014
  • Project meeting in Rio de Janeiro, 2nd-6th June 2014
  • Rio Oil & Gas expo and conference, September 2014
  • SINOS - Seminar on R&D, Innovation and Industrialization, November 2014