Photo: Elisabeth Tønnessen

effects of ocean acidification on predator-prey interactions (OAPPI)

Project Leader:  Renée K. Bechmann
Project overview

To investigate whether ocean acidification (OA) affects predator-prey interaction (PPI).

Secondary objectives:

  1. Effects of OA on indirect PPI. Prey will be exposed to water borne chemical cues from caged predators in long-term experiments at ambient and reduced pH to find out if OA affects the development of defensive traits (changes in behavior, physiology, growth) in prey exposed to chemical cues from their predator.
  2. Effects of OA on direct PPI. Following long-term acclimation to OA the responses of the interacting species will be studied in predation tests to find out if OA affects the predation rate.
  3. Data from the experiments will be used as input to models to study the effects of OA on the populations of the interacting species, on food chain dynamics and on how OA affect individual energy allocation in mussels.