Photo: IRIS

Mining Projects at IRIS

Mining projects currently underway at IRIS include:
  1. The ABYSSLINE project (2013-2018) – Gathering baseline ecosystem process information at the abyssal seafloor of the manganese nodule province in the Clarion Clipperton Zone of the eastern Pacific Ocean (Dr. Andrew K. Sweetman, Principal Investigator) 
  2. EC-MIDAS project (2013-2016) – Managing Impacts of Deep-sea Resource Exploitation (Dr. Andrew K. Sweetman, Principal Investigator) 
    • How mining disturbance modifies abyssal biodiversity and ecosystem processes over decadal scales, and how burial by tailings/ resuspended sediments influence ecosystem functioning at the deep seafloor. 
    • How methane hydrate extraction on continental margins influence water column oxygenation and acidification. 
  3. NFR IMPTAIL (2010-2013) Improved Submarine Tailings Placements in Norwegian fjords (Dr. Astri Kvassnes , Principal Investigator) 
    • Assessing the full impacts of mine tailings disposal on deep-sea fjord ecosystems and how impacts can be reduced in future 
    • Improved detection of mine tailings migration at the seafloor.