Senior Vice President:
Einar Leknes


The overall objective of IRIS Social Science is, by means of research and development, to contribute enhanced knowledge for promoting sustainable, healthy, and productive development within the society.
The department’s main activity takes place in Stavanger, but we also have associate staff at regional offices in Bergen and Oslo.
Our research activities are organised in three research groups covering the following areas of research; Working life and safety, Welfare, politics and policy, Innovation research.
Through basic and applied research, we study trends and events that may help us understand social processes publish research results and communicate new knowledge. Our areas of research and projects address issues, as well as long-term national and international challenges.
We cooperate with the University of Stavanger (UiS) within all three research areas. Innovation research is fully integrated within UiS and IRIS through the Centre for Innovation Research. There is also institutionalised research cooperation with UiS in risk management and public safety. In addition, there is project-related cooperation between researchers at UiS and IRIS.