Culture and society

Culture is attracting ever more attention in today’s society. The term ‘culture’ is becoming incorporated into all sectors and social processes. IRIS’ research on this topic has partly addressed experiences and appreciation of culture as well as cultural divisions amongst the population. Other parts of our research has looked at various correlations between culture and business.

Multiculturalism is a relatively new field of research at IRIS and is seen particularly in the context of immigration. Culture is also important in relation to research into voluntary organisations. This covers several voluntary sectors, including children and young adults, immigrants, the church and drug/alcohol prevention. IRIS has an extensive portfolio of projects in which sports policy and the relationships between the public and voluntary sport sectors have been relevant topics.

Some projects:
Stavanger 2008: From oil capital to culture capital
Evaluation of the funding scheme for voluntary drugs/alcohol work
The Av-og-til campaign
Regional plan for an inclusive society
Voluntary organisations and public policy
Childhood and schooling abroad
Voluntary organisations and public policy
Evaluation of the public subsidy scheme for local sports activities