Kjersti Melberg, Research Director
Depiction: Åshild Finnestad


Innovation takes place when people, acting either alone or together, use their expertise in the widest sense to challenge established ways of thinking and behaving. It is about breaking out of habitual networks at an individual, organisational and society level. The Innovation Group conducts research and contributes towards technology transfer and innovative thinking and communication.

This group is engaged within this thematic area with the point of departure in previous and on-going research related to innovation processes regionally, in networks and in firms.  The researchers play a central role in the VRI programme (Measure for Regional R&D Innovation in Rogaland County), with particular responsibility for the research contribution. VRI is a ten-year programme initiated by the Norwegian Research Council for research and innovation in all Norwegian regions.

Some Activities:
Regions and regionalisation
Business and labour market