Regions and regionalisation

Within the research topics regions and regionalisation we analyse social and commercial development, policy formulation and political organisation within various spatial contexts. The research portfolio comprises (1) comparative studies of development and management (including governance) in urban regions in Norway, (2) national and international comparative studies of economic, political and cultural regionalisation processes and the relationship between levels of management, and (3) futures studies within specific subject areas in combination with cooperation-based and strategy-orientated scenarios.

Current projects:
The geography of the oil economy
The new regional Norway
The use of Urban Audit by urban regions
Management networks in urban and provincial regions
Regional innovation cultures
A knowledge-based Norway: the petroleum district
Regional effectiveness
Evaluation of the implementation of the county plan for Rogaland
Regionalism in Western Europe
Scenarios 2020 Rogaland and Agder
The future village
The development of sustainable petroleum activities in North West Russia