Kåre Hansen, Research Director
Photo: IRIS


Key research topics in this field include HES cultures, behaviour-based versus culture-based perspectives on safety, organisational safety, perceived risk, the effect of confidence on safety, maintaining safety and reliability in change processes, and the development of good and reliable measuring tools for HES.

IRIS has a long-standing tradition of conducting safety research. The research is varied and aimed at a range of participants and sectors: the petroleum industry, traffic and transport, construction, fishing, agriculture, regulatory bodies and decision support, to name but a few. This research has provided us with a range of perspectives in the form of various theoretical and methodical approaches.

Some of our projects:
Risk levels in the petroleum sector (RNNP)
Safety culture, occupational health and accidents in Norwegian agriculture
Integrated operations (strategic institute programme)
IT safety in integrated operations
Young workers in the construction industry
Successful integration of Statoil and Hydro
Developing systematic HES work
A comparative study of HES culture amongst staff on the British and Norwegian sectors
Transport and traffic safety