IRIS carries out a range of applied projects that in various ways answer questions relating to public transport, the planning of infrastructure for roads and rail, goods transport and logistics. We also carry out surveys into people’s travel habits, both at a regional level and for public and private enterprises. The traffic safety portfolio partly addresses attitudes and behaviour, as well as technologies that can help reduce the number of traffic accidents. We run projects that raise questions about such technologies generally, in addition to projects that address specific technologies such as Alcolocks and ISA. Because traffic safety measures involve the registration and storage of information relating to persons, traffic safety research also incorporates issues relating to data protection.

Current projects:
Data protection and traffic
Immigrants as a traffic risk group
Evaluation of the introduction of Alcolocks in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's vehicles
Survey on travel habits – Forus (a suburb of Stavanger)
Perspective analysis for developing transport and logistics hubs in the Stavanger region

Selected completed projects:
Young people and traffic: Vehicle technology for increasing traffic safety
Vision zero project in the Jæren region: Survey of young people's traffic attitudes and behaviour
Evaluation of carriageway centre markings