Photo: IRIS

Permanently installed Horizontal Flow Loops

This is a highly adaptable facility consisting of several loops of pipes at various dimensions, ranging from 3.5"-7" OD. Features high rate flow testing both indoors and outside in flow loops up to 1400m using clean water. Our various high capacity triplex pumps can easily be connected to the system. Typical projects have been well tractor performance, valve flow characteristics tests, side pocket operations using tractors, blasting of glass plugs, differential pressure measurements, plug setting & releasing/demolition, surface tests of jars, testing of shifting tools, MPD projects, auto choke validation, testing of coiled tubing, testing of other coiled cable systems.

                                             Technical information:

​               7" Casing             700m  (2297ft)          L-80 32lbs/ft
​            5.5" Casing             700m  (2297ft)          L-80 17lbs/ft
​               2" Line Pipe         130m    (427ft)          Sch 160 API
​            4.5" Line Pipe       1200m   (3937ft)          5LX-52
​            4.5" tubing               130m    (427ft)        L-80 12.6lbs/ft

        See curvature of the loops reflecting flow lines on a sea bed.
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