SWORD is a unique software package designed for rapid reservoir, field or prospect evaluation, fast screening and predictions of Improved Oil Recovery (IOR/EOR) methods potential.

The fast screening and prediction techniquesare based on multi-criterion models, proven analytical solutions, existing industry experience, field practice and expert knowledge in IOR/EOR applications. SWORD has been developed in close co-operation between research and the oil industry.

SWORD helps reservoir engineers in planning reservoir exploitation strategy and making decisions on IO/EOR applications. It is especially useful in situations with limited available reservoir information and with large uncertainties in reservoir description, as often is the case at initial evaluation stages.

Fast screening allows for qualifying or disqualifying potential IOR/EOR strategies at specific reservoir conditions while analytical solutions allow for rapid quantitative predictions ("pre-simulations") of key IOR/EOR methods. SWORD consists of independent modules that complement one another. The advanced technology is wrapped in a user-friendly interface, offering functionality and flexibility at a high level. SWORD is also a suitable tool for training.

Key features
  • Planning of reservoir exploitation strategy
  • Help in decision making on IOR/EOR applications
  • First-order IOR/EOR screening and pre-simulation
  • Rapid reservoir evaluation and sensitivity studies
  • Often used prior or while using numerical simulators to avoid high costs for modelling/simulation
  • Particularly useful in situations with limited available reservoir information or uncertainty in reservoir description, e.g., in the initial evaluation stage.