Technical features

Applicability screening

  • Multi-criterion model using interval approach and distribution functions for input as well reference intervals
  • IOR-applicability expert system for fast and convenient evaluations
  • Involves existing industry experience and expert knowledge in IOR applications at different reservoir conditions

Recovery factor estimation

  • Processing kernel based on world-wide field database

Performance prediction and cyclic waterflooding modules

  • Displacement results in 2D cross-section and approximated 3D (5-spot) geometry
  • Proven implemented analytical solutions:
  • Dykstra-Parsons (no cross-flow)
  • Gravity-dominated vertical equilibrium approximation (max. cross-flow)
  • Critical rates for viscous channeling and gravity tonguing
  • Error estimates

Software features

  • Modern user-friendly interface
  • Flexible unit conversion system including default systems (e.g., SI, metric, field)
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Extensive graphic output
  • Advanced reporting functionality for input and result documentation
  • Fully customizable HTML reports
  • Easy interaction with other windows applications
  • Copy/paste function to export results to reports and presentations
  • Full plot configuration and print preview
  • Export charts to most common formats
  • User-configurable interface